v. led, lead•ing, n. adj.
1) to go before or with to show the way; conduct or escort; guide:
to lead a group on a hike[/ex]
2) to conduct by holding and guiding:
to lead a horse by a rope[/ex]
3) to influence or induce; cause:
What led her to change her mind?[/ex]
4) to guide in direction, course, action, opinion, etc.; bring:
You can lead him around to your point of view[/ex]
5) to go through or pass (time, life, etc.):
to lead a full life[/ex]
6) to conduct or bring (water, wire, etc.) in a particular course
7) (of a road, passage, etc.) to serve to bring (a person) to a place:
The next street will lead you to the post office[/ex]
8) to take or bring:
The visitors were led into the senator's office[/ex]
9) to be in control or command of; direct:
He led the British forces during the war[/ex]
10) to go at the head of or in advance of (a procession, list, body, etc.); proceed first in:
The mayor will lead the parade[/ex]
11) to be superior to; have the advantage over:
The first baseman leads his teammates in runs batted in[/ex]
12) to have top position or first place in:
Iowa leads the nation in corn production[/ex]
13) to have the directing or principal part in:
Who is going to lead the discussion?[/ex]
14) to act as leader of (an orchestra, band, etc.); conduct
15) gam to begin a hand in a card game with (a card or suit specified)
16) to aim and fire a weapon ahead of (a moving target) in order to allow for the travel of the target while the missile is reaching it
17) to act as a guide; show the way
18) to afford passage to a place:
That path leads directly to the house[/ex]
19) to go first; be in advance
20) to result in; tend toward (usu. fol. by to):
The incident led to her resignation[/ex]
21) to take the directing or principal part
22) to take the offensive
23) gam to make the first play in a card game
24) to be led or submit to being led, as a horse
25) spo (of a runner in baseball) to leave a base before the delivery of a pitch (often fol. by away)
26) phv lead off
a) to begin; start
b) phv spo baseball to be the first player in the batting order or the first batter in an inning
27) phv lead on
to mislead
28) the first or foremost place; position in advance of others:
to take the lead in the race[/ex]
29) the extent of such an advance position
30) a person or thing that leads
31) a leash
32) a suggestion or piece of information that helps to direct or guide; tip; clue
33) a guide or indication of a road, course, method, etc., to follow
34) precedence; example; leadership
35) sbz
a) the principal part in a play
b) the person who plays it
36) gam
a) the act or right of playing first in a card game
b) the card, suit, etc., so played
37) jou the opening paragraph of a newspaper story, serving as a summary
38) elm an often flexible and insulated single conductor, as a wire, used in electrical connections
39) the act of taking the offensive
40) Naut.
a) naut. navig. the direction of a rope, wire, or chain
b) naut. navig.
Also called leader 11) any of various devices for guiding a running rope.
41) an open channel through a field of ice
42) the act of aiming a weapon ahead of a moving target
43) the distance ahead of a moving target that a weapon must be aimed in order to hit it
44) most important; principal; leading; first:
a lead editorial[/ex]
45) spo (of a runner in baseball) nearest to scoring
Etymology: bef. 900; ME leden, OE lǣdan (causative of līthan to go, travel), c. OS lēdjan, OHG leiten II
[[t]lɛd[/t]] n. v. lead•ed, lead•ing
1) chem. a heavy, comparatively soft, malleable, bluish-gray metal, sometimes found in its natural state but usu. combined as a sulfide, esp. in galena
Symbol: Pb; at. wt.: 207.19; at. no.: 82; sp. gr.: 11.34 at 20°C.
2) chem. something made of this metal or of one of its alloys
3) civ a plummet or mass of lead suspended by a line, as for taking soundings
4) bullets shot
5) chem. black lead or graphite
6) a small stick of graphite, as used in pencils
7) pri
Also, leading II, 2), a) a thin strip of type metal or brass less than type-high, used for increasing the space between lines of type.
8) bui a grooved bar of lead in which sections of glass are set, as in stained-glass windows
9) brit. leads, Brit. a flat lead roof
10) chem.
white lead
11) to cover, line, weight, treat, or impregnate with lead or a compound
12) pri to insert leading between lines of type
13) bui to fix (window glass) in position with leads
Etymology: bef. 900; ME lede, OE lēad, c. OFris lād, MLG d, MHG t plummet

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